I know I am not alone. I hate having to wait for fall to role around for me to be able to hunt. Duck and Goose season just ended here in Idaho and while I had a fantastic season, I am trying to sort out what to do next. It is a little early for fishing. The only season that is open right now is Wolf and Coyote (which I may be pursuing here shortly). I would go shed hunting, but there is still a lot of snow to be trekking around in. Snow geese and Specks are open here until March, but I do not have any decoys, and though I have been waterfowl hunting my entire life, I do not have any experience with snow geese. I may try my hand in the next month if I get the opportunity, but I'm not holding my breath either. Bear season and Turkey season are coming up. I have that much to look forward to. I am really hoping to shoot another bear this spring, the meat we got from the last one was delicious and I want to put more of it in the freezer. I'm putting in for a spring bear tag that I have tried to get the last few years with no luck. Hopefully, I will draw it, but if not, there are plenty of general season bears to hunt. 

This is a tough time of year for a hunter. Waiting, for the right time to start scouting again. Waiting for the fishing to get good. Hoping that April doesn't take too long to get here. 

I have been spending some of my time reading a book by Arthur Haines called A New Path. The subject matter is about looking to our past for a healthier future. In other words, Ancestral Health and ReWilding as a lifestyle, diet, etc etc. It is fascinating, and there is a lot of science to support the concept. It is certainly inspiring me to put more wild food on the table for my family. Not simply in the form of animal but plant life as well. But that inspiration is just making me want to hunt even more. 

I should really be figuring out how to hunt snow geese, and get my dog some more work. But I can't afford 500 decoys... We'll see, there are some places I have read about here that I may try. I will also likely be pursing a Wolf before the Bear season starts up.